Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Rajyabhishek Eco-Friednly Model

Discover the regal essence of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Rajyabhishek through the exquisite model crafted by the talented artist, JitooJadhav. This masterpiece captures the historic moment of the coronation of the legendary Maratha warrior king using eco-friendly materials such as cardboard, hardboard, and wooden blocks.

Chandrayaan 2 Model For Schools

Chandrayaan 2 Model For School Projects & Ganpati Decoration, made with Old Newspapers, Cardboards, Aluminium Pipes, Metal Roads, Color Paper, Cotton Cloth, Cotton Rope & Wooden Sticks by JitooJadhav in Ganpati Festival


Eco Friendly Shivaji Maharaj Fort, Diwali Fort

पर्यावरण अनुकूल वस्तुएं, पुराने कागजी पैकेजिंग बॉक्स, पुराने अखबार, घास, मिट्टी, रद्दी कागज और पानी मिश्रित सादे रंगोंसे निर्मित और पर्यावरण हितको ध्यानमें रखते हुए बनाया है यह किला।

How To Made Handmade Ganpati Temple At Home

Watch full video of this thermocol carving temple, I made this for Ganesha festival, a auspicious festival in India.