Women’s Day Poster Design 2020

International Women’s Day 2020 Poster Design by JitooJadhav

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Bridal Jewellery Drawing

Bridal Jewellery Drawing & Bridal Costume Drawing

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Narendra Modi Tea Painting JitooJadhav

Narendra Modi’s Tea Painting by JitooJadhav

India’s PM Mr. Narendra Modi’s Nice & Unique Tea Painting by JitooJadhav – Chai Se Narendra Modi Ki Painting

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Eco Friendly Shivaji Maharaj Fort, Diwali Fort

Eco Friendly Shivaji Maharaj Fort, with using of packaging boxes,

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Vasant Panchmi

Vasant Panchami is a festival that marks the arrival of spring

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Pencil Sketch 01

पेन्सिलसे बनाया गया यह रेखाचित्र मैंने आजसे 16 साल पहेले सन 2006 में बनाया था।

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World Photography Day

World Photography Day. 19th August is observed as a World Photography Day.

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Ganpati Decoration Idea Thermocol Temple 2017

I made this for Ganesha festival at home

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Rajesh Khanna Rangoli

Rajesh Khanna was passed away on 18th July, 2012

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