Ram Mandir Model Easy, Hand Made & Eco Friendly at Home

Hand Made, Eco Friendly Shree Ram Mandir Model Made by JitooJadhav

Ram Mandir

Ram Mandir is a Hindu temple that is being built in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, India, at the site of Ram Janmabhoomi, according to the Ramayana the birthplace of Rama, a principal deity of Hinduism. The temple construction is being supervised by the Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra

Introduction: Embrace the spirit of creativity and eco-consciousness with JitooJadhav’s delightful Ram Mandir model, designed exclusively for the Ganpati Festival! This unique masterpiece is crafted using easily available and environmentally friendly materials such as cardboards, watercolors, and tiny human figurines. Join us as we delve into the artistry and step-by-step process of creating this stunning representation of Ram Mandir that blends traditional devotion with modern sustainability.

Materials utilized in the model-making process:
Used as the base and framework for constructing the temple structure.
Water Colors: Provide vibrant and lifelike hues to the temple and surrounding elements.
Tiny Human Figurines: Represent devotees and add a touch of realism to the model.

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JitooJadhav’s eco-friendly Ram Mandir model, made with cardboards, watercolors, and tiny human figurines, is a beautiful amalgamation of devotion and sustainability. As you celebrate the Ganpati Festival, immerse yourself in the joy of crafting this easy DIY masterpiece that not only showcases your artistic flair but also preserves the environment. Embrace the spirit of reverence and eco-consciousness while creating memories and spreading the message of traditional devotion and modern-day responsibility. Experience the magic of the Ganpati Festival with your very own eco-friendly Ram Mandir model!

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  1. I want to make or purchase the chandrayan scene for my ganapati
    We have one ganapati one family 21 days ganapati ln Mumbai khar danda since many years
    Space is good
    Ganapati around 3 feet
    Can u help me to set up the project
    I am anaesthetist in nair hospital mumbai

  2. Sorry I haven’t Chandrayaan Model, It Was Damaged, My Making Video For Chandrayaan 2 Model, Vikram Lander, Moon Surface & Space Scene is still pending, its under process, It will be soon uploaded on My YouTube Channel, till you can Watch my Short video about chandrayaan which I uploaded Today on my YouTube channel YouTube Short
    You Can also visit my blog post about Chandrayaan 2

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